Kids Korner

Worthington Woods Animal Care Center

7520 Worthington Galena Road
Columbus, OH 43085


Hey kids--did you know that even a five-year-old can help out with the pet care?

Yes, you can! In fact, helping out with animal care can increase the bond between

you and your pet, as well as foster a sense of responsibility and pride. So tell your mom and dad you want to help out today!

If you want to more about the care of your pet, check out the links below. 


General Pet Care

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has the AVMA Tools for K-12 Educator section that helps you learn what pets need using handouts and worksheets. 

PBS has an cool web site, Taking Care of Your Pets,  where you can explore how to give the best to your pet. 



Dogs Only! 

Have a dog?  Learn all about these wonderful pets at the following sites!

The American Kennel Club has a section just for you! Learn more about dogs--and what is needed to be a junior handler!

Love Your Dog is a fun site where you can learn fun and easy tricks to teach your dog. It has fun pages, quizzes and a daily training exercise.


Cats Only!

Prefer the purring pets? 

Cat Fanciers' Association has cat related games and where you can learn all about cats, cat breeds and showing your cat. It even has a quiz to test your knowledge.


So You Want To Be A Vet?

Do you love animals ans think you want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine?  Explore what is needed by checking out Ohio State University's "So You Want To Be A Vet?" This cool site has loads of information and even games to play to test your skills!


Other Animal Care Careers

Cat Fanciers' Association has a list of animal related fields you can explore. From a veterinary technician to a groomer, it is all there.

Pet Finder also lists other career choices.